Why a Multi-Touch Approach is Best

As we know, the media landscape is changing rapidly.  Nowadays, consumers are not honed in on one specific medium at a given time.  People are on their laptops or tablets while watching TV, on their smartphones while at work and listening to streaming radio content while working out at the gym, etc.  This is one reason why it is so important for marketers to utilize a multi-touch approach in their advertising efforts.  Because ultimately, people are grazing across multiple platforms on a daily basis and we want to keep our message top of mind and stand out amongst the ad clutter.


The Harvard Business Review recently reported that the average consumer goes through at least six channels before they finally make the decision to purchase a product or service, which supports our theory to use a variety of advertising methods to get your point across.  This little tidbit is one reason why, globally, there is a 137% increase in multi-channel digital marketing and up to a 500% increase in brands using display, mobile, social and video marketing simultaneously.

Below is an excellent infographic that explains this theory very simply, along with a supporting article that I found to be very enlightening as it relates to this particular topic.


The key takeaway to keep in mind is, no matter what product you are trying to sell or who you are trying to reach, a multi-touch approach is always best.  There is no one-stop-shop, cookie cutter solution to your advertising needs.  Get to know your consumer on an intimate level and figure out the best mix of tactics to speak to them.  This approach will not only foster an increase in awareness, but will also result in an increase in sales and grow your relationship with your consumers.

4 thoughts on “Why a Multi-Touch Approach is Best

  1. Hi Amanda –

    I love this post! So many marketers today focus only on social and email and while that is important, a lot of us are losing site on every platform! You have mobile, apps, email, websites, banner ads, social media… I mean so many different ways to get the message out there! So yes, I think marketing across multiple platforms to really sell a message is still the best way.

    I think the infographic you provided is very strong! Talking about all of the different channels and how to develop these strategies through each medium is key when conveying the message to the right audience on the right platform at the right time. I also love the chart that compares the different outlets and how they develop different reach points per outlet at each time.

    So interesting this all is! Great analysis!

    – Kels

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  2. Amanda,

    So True! You are right about the changing media landscape. We are doing so much at once. I believe some television networks have caught onto his idea and ran with it. Shows on AMC like Talking Dead and ABC’s Pretty Little Liars on ABC have changed the viewing experience. Instead of a solitary household experience, viewers are interacting with people all over the country while watching the same programming.

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  3. Sometimes it’s easy for marketers to focus all of their efforts on the newest and shiniest tool, and the rest of the marketing mix is an afterthought if it’s thought of at all. Thanks for sharing this enlightening infographic. It just underscores the importance of a strong integrated marketing communications approach.


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