Privacy in the Digital Age

Is there such a thing as consumer privacy in the digital age?  I’m pretty sure we all know that companies are obtaining information about us in order to serve more targeted ads.  But are we fully aware of everything they can learn about us through our online activity?  According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, only one out of five consumers understand that your location information is given up when you use your smartphone.  However, conversely speaking, roughly 97% of people admit to being nervous about the fact that companies are gathering large amounts of data on them.  This is a pretty disturbing blend of statistics if you ask me.  Most people are aware of companies collecting data about them and express concern over this fact, however, only a small percent of these people actually know the extent of this knowledge that companies possess.

Generally speaking, people understand that everything you put out there in the digital world cannot be taken back and is available for the world to see.  However, is privacy in the digital age really dead?  The good news is, there is hope for the future.  Several people are pushing for stronger regulations for companies obtaining personal information without a user’s consent and many states have begun to crack down on this type of activity already.  This article from the ACLU explains further.  Take a look at the map below to determine whether or not your state is working to protect your privacy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.41.46 PM

Until we have stricter regulations in place to protect consumer privacy online, I strongly suggest you take care in what you post online as this information is readily available to marketers at the drop of a hat.

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