4 Steps to Grow Brand Equity Through Social Media

Social media is, quite possibly, the best way to not only gain new customers but grow relationships with your current customer base.  With so many different social channels to choose from as well as a plethora of targeting capabilities, brands have the ability to cultivate and grow relationships with customers at the drop of a hat.

The below infographic demonstrates how the social landscape has changed in recent years and why social channels have become such an important marketing tactic for all brands.  You can find it here.

social media

Without further adieu, here are my top 4 recommendations for how to grow brand equity through social channels:

Step 1:  Make sure your accounts are up to date.  This sounds like an easy task, but this is something that often gets ignored as companies focus too much on responding to customer questions and posting relevant content.  However, it is equally important to update your company information, photos, events, etc. as many people will look to your social profile for this information before they seek other channels.

Step 2:  Communicate with your audience through thought leadership.  The last thing people want to see in their newsfeed is an abundance of sales messages.  Consumers, particularly Millennials, are attracted to companies who teach, entertain and ignite discussions through regular posts.  Brands should use social media as an opportunity to communicate their knowledge in their particular industry, as well as offer up quality discussions that provoke change.

Step 3:  Respond to customer questions and feedback in a timely manner.  This is how brands are able to foster relationships with customers and provides an opportunity for people to connect with the brand on a deeper level.  And don’t be afraid of negative feedback!  People expect to see a few negative comments here and there.  What matters is the way in which you respond to them.

Here is a great article from AdWeek that explains how to handle negative comments.

Step 4:  Create a fun environment where your consumers aren’t afraid to engage with your posts.  This is a great way to provide a bit of entertainment to your audience as opposed to the normal thought-provoking, company-focused content you are probably focused on.  Utilizing games, contests, images, videos and apps are just some of the ways you can engage your audience in a new and fun way.

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